先日、ブラウザにFireFoxでvSphere Web Clientに接続していたら、テキストボックスに文字が入力できない事象が発生しました。



■Cannot type (using keyboard) on vSphere Web Client




This is very strange:
I just deployed a new vSphere 6.0 VCSA and am using the webclient (currently Firefox on Win 10) to configure the system. When I create a new object, there are dialog boxes that require me to input data; for example "New Distributed Port Group" prompts me to input the port group name. The problem is that the web client is not receiving my keystrokes. The workaround is everytime I run into a dialog box requiring keystrokes (such as inputting an object name, etc.) I have to click the Windows start button (changing focus away from the browser window) then re-click on the input box and begin typing and it works normally.... until the next dialog box is displayed where I have to click away, then return to finish entering data. I've seen this before on another completely separate system but never chased down the solution.

Anyone else seen this and have a recommendation?




Everything still works on a Windows 7 computer so I am thinkin' this be a Windows 10 issue.